CFDs is short for CONTRACTS FOR DIFFERENCE is a derivative financial product which operates on stock indices, shares and / or commodities that provide investors with the ability to operate with real-time prices and thus take advantage of movements in the prices of these, meaning, it is not necessary to have all portfolio securities comprising the international stock market.

What is sought is to make a profit in trading the asset, based on a mechanism of financial leverage.


The simple and clear way to operate that is to participate in the market for contracts for difference is basically its main characteristic. Thanks to CFDs, we can invest and reap the returns offered by equity markets such as stock shares (publicly listed companies), indices, bonds and commodities.There is no need to buy the titles of the markets to reap the benefits. While just speculating on the price movement of these is sufficient.

It does not take an expert to follow the market transactions since CFDs operate and slide their movements exactly like the stock market, this means that; for example, if the price of a share x ยจ is worth $ 1, CFDs are governed by the same value that is displayed in all kinds of publications, hence its clarity and transparency.

Another key feature is that, when working with FIT, the power of our clients' investment is multiplied as we offer the uniqueness of working under financial leverage.

Finally another major features that allow our customers to have more chances of success in this market vs. the stock market is that CFDs allow investment whether an index, stock, bond, commodity is on the rise (ie rising its value), and when it is down (lowering its value.

StockC/V CreditFuturesWarrantCFDs
Short Positions (Short Options) NoYesYesNoYes
Daily LiquidationsNoNoYesNoYes


FIT has created and developed strategies for .... years, operating intraday trading, and with midterm logistics that report benefits to our clients while minimizing exposure to the stock market in order to reduce risk in transactions and to thereby increase profits.

Live trading desks allow us to operate together with our specialists and our clients to accompany them to succeed in the exciting market for CFDs. Easily operate commodities such as silver or gold or speculate with global indices from a single account. Our Trading Operations Desk is available 24 hours, 5 days out of 7 days a week, providing the individual operator access to financial markets that otherwise would not be within reach.

The ability to buy or sell easily, whether the market is bullish or bearish, you can benefit from it! with CFDs, you can be "long" (purchase) as well as "short" (sale).

If you think the price of an asset will go down, you can use CFDs to sell today, with the expectation that you can buy it later at a lower price. If your idea goes through, you will get a positive operation. .