Privacy Policy

Fidelis International Trading

Fidelis International Trading, hereinafter FIT assures commitment to protect any

information collected from the user or client on this site.

FIT collects personal information from the user or client, in order to fulfill different goals

and needs of the users or clients.

The main objectives are to give notices, account information such as account statements,

details of operations, posting of services and promotions.

The way FIT obtains user or client information is through registration on this website.

Files of visits made by the user or client as well as their personal data are kept by FIT under

high standards of safety, so they cannot be disclosed in any of its parts.

By using this website, the user or client is approving the possibility that FIT can make use

of personal information, to have all communication with the user or client.

We may also disclose your personal information to any authority that FIT is required by

law to do so.

In addition FIT may disclose the user´s or client´s personal information to external service

providers with whom the broker has signed contracts for this purpose.

FIT may disclose personal the user´s or client´s personal information to any third party that

is required in order to comply with any order or transaction that the user or client has


Under no circumstances will FIT sell your personal information for telemarketing.

The user or client may inform FIT of changes in his personal information and request

deletion of personal information that was given by the user or client. This, by an e-mail to:

______________. So that upon receipt, FIT will remove or amend such information or

preference as requested by the user or client. However FIT reserves the right to do so for

legal purposes, FIT is required to disclose this information.

Please note that this website may link the user or client to other third party websites where

FIT has no control, so this privacy notice is not applicable to those websites. So when the

user or client is navigating in these websites, we ask carefully to read the warnings or

privacy policies of those sites.

FIT reminds you that when the user or client accesses and browses this website, the user or

client approves the collection, use and disclosure of stored information by the user or client

given to FIT.

If FIT does inclusions or changes to this Privacy Notice, if so, the user or client will be

informed of the changes in this web site.

The user or client is solely responsible for periodically monitoring this Privacy Notice.

When the user or customer uses and / or browses this site after changes have occurred it

means total acceptance of these.